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Start Becoming the Person You Always Dreamed You Could

Start Becoming the Person You Always Dreamed You Could

- It is easier than you think! Just one day at a time

Today we are starting on the road of good intentions! Dreams are huge, sometimes intangible, things that we can't seem to reach or touch but we want to help nurture the inspiration in ourselves to get up and make those dreams a reality! “How?” you ask? Well, it may be a long road but we want to start it in the easiest place we can: in your mind.

Sometimes all a change needs to become a reality is for someone to start thinking a little differently. With even just a LITTLE more hope, or belief, or ambition, we can set the wheels turning in our heads to start considering the world out there that is waiting for us. Norman Vincent Peale said “Change your thoughts and you change your world” and that is where we would like to start this journey of self actualization.We aren't asking for huge goals, for big dreams, or for the earth to shift, we are starting today by asking you to consider the question:

“What would I be doing with my day, or with this very moment, if I wanted my life to change?”

It is a small consideration in a day filled with thousands of choices and considerations, and compromises, but if we start to think about our intentions we may just be able to start something bigger.

Today is easy – and the MOST difficult – because today is the day you start. So, consider your question for the day:

“What would I be doing with my day, or with this very moment, if I wanted my life to change?”

and, perhaps, look at the motivations behind why you're doing something else instead. There is enormous power in intention and, today, we ask that you start looking at yours!

Let us know what you would do with your day today if it could be different!

Until tomorrow,


Andrew Griepsma
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