The Best Way to Accomplish Anything in the World

The Best Way to Accomplish Anything in the World

I know, it sounds like a bold statement and you're asking me "what in the world makes you think you know how to accomplish anything?" Well, the simple answer, is I don't. I don't know anything about anything until I start trying everything! No matter how much you read or learn from other people there will always be a great divide between intention and action and that is where we will start.

If You Can Start a Task the Rest is All Downhill

The key to accomplishing anything is to start. I know it sounds straightforward but we all have a million reasons why we can't or why it's not ideal. That's where a very simple but insanely effective tactic starts to come into play: it is called the "5 Second Rule." 

All you have to do is count out loud from 5 down to 0. By taking a small amount of time, a repetitive and mindless process can bypass all of your internal warning bells and get you moving before it can stop you. It's the perfect way to outsmart yourself.We are all pretty smart people. Too smart even. We want to be comfortable and happy all the time and by starting new activities our minds start to sense a threat. "Oh no, you're going to feel awkward and embarrassed and tired. You should probably sit back down," it will tell you. The 5 Second Rule is made to counteract this impulse and get you on your way to accomplishing anything. 

Try, Try, Try, Try Again

It's true that you will probably fail a lot when you start but at least you have started. You have set in motion the learning process to start trying and, the more that happens, the more you become a rockstar who can accomplish anything in the world.

You may not have seen that idea coming but now that it's in your mind there is no escaping it. The task for this evening and tomorrow morning is to try it out.

5...4...3...2...1...0... Start

It's just that simple.

Let us know how it goes for you and what you started learning to accomplish your biggest dreams.

Until next time,


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