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Great Dane Cards as Gifts

Today, interestingly, is about more dogs and the cards that come along with them - or in this case, small horses. One of Kat's greatest friends in the world, and my aunty, Lisa just visited us from her horse farm in Johnson City, Texas! We try and visit, in either place, at least once a year when we can get time but WOW has her year ever been a busy one. Yes, Lisa has a horse farm with 7 horses but more importantly she has 3 mini horses; Great Danes.

Professional Great Dane

great dane picture

Lisa has just recently started showing her Great Danes - first Ruby and now Ty - and has been doing kind of well. Ruby became a champion first and now, the puppy, Ty, is going for his Grand Champion honors. And when I say small horse, he is almost 4 1/2' tall and weighs 185lbs and is the biggest suck in the world :) So because she has been doing so well at the shows and attending more and more, she figured it might be a nice touch to send "Thank You" cards to the judges and show organizers. Just another interesting application of wild stories that our cards come into contact with. Also, he may be here in August for a show in Toronto - I will have to let you know how he does :)

Apparently it's the small dogs you've gotta watch for! The big ones are babies..

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