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Today is about Quotes – and, more specifically, the story about our quotes. The may look cute and fluffy now but there was a time when they looked like a landfill – scattered and barren. Of course, good ideas never seem to follow the logical pattern of our decision making and we almost always end up tripping and falling backwards over our best ideas. 

Greeting Cards from The Beginning

The story begins when we started making cards. I had all these high minded ideas about quotes and how they should be like art themselves and flowing and wonderful so I wrote a ton of them and started putting them in cards. Turns out, they were not very good. They were vague and long and boring and it showed because no one even took the time to read them! Chalk it up to an interesting time in my life but I was not a quote writer and so we continued on with blank cards and charms. 

Creative Circle

Well, some time passed and, as it usually happens, we came full circle with the cards back to the idea of quote card funny messagehaving some kind of quote with the card. I’m fairly certain Kat and I had a bottle of wine open and were contemplating the philosophies of cards when we figured “if we are going to have quotes, why would we just print them on regular paper? Why not make quotes like quotes?” Touché past Kat and Drew. So I drew up a quote bubble and put something random like “Cool Beans” in it and showed Kat. Her first comment? “What the hell is ‘Cool Beans’?” I understood it and Kelsey, our favourite helper, understood it – it was probably just her ;) But she did like the idea so she made it up with a card and we used some of my original quotes to make “Quote Cards”. Mistake. Again. 

There is too much to tell! Check back with us around 6 pm (EST) - I'll have the rest of the story on here and Facebook!

Andrew Griepsma

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