If These Quotes Could Talk

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Quotes are Better when They aren't on Paper

The Quotes didn't work the first time so why didn't I clue in after that? I just over-thought it when I should have went crazy, creative, and let myself loose. The quotes still didn't work but we had just got into the OOAK Vancouver Show so I didn't think about them anymore. Now, I went to school at UBC and all my friends were there and came to see us at the show and Kait, one of my besties, was all like "well why don't you put something that I'll actually use on the cards?" She clearly wasn't a charm fan - although she did buy a bookmark card :) Anyway, to spite her, and knowing her love of random stuff on the fridge, I took that quote idea, made it into a magnet quote and wrote something like

"I Love You Even When You're Stupid"one of a kind show vancouver

and sent a picture to her. I liked that. So I started playing around with more. They were into Ryan Gosling (still are) at the time so "I Love You more than Ryan Gosling" - this was getting fun. I just kept going with it and her. "You're my favourite best friend"  - "Wine and You My Two Favourite Things"  - "A Graduate? In What? English?" (I graduated with a B.A. in English and she is a Chemical Engineer now going for her masters) I Think I was onto something and, so, when OOAK Toronto Spring Show rolled around I tried out a couple hundred of them. They all sold out. Immediately. So we took the train home, made more magnets and went back only to have them fly again and again. It was a good show but, really, it was the start of something so much more - 

My True Creativity :)

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