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Making a Kat n' Drew Cards Movie

Today is an interesting day. I've been making cards, thinking of quotes, and reading "Resolution" by Robert Parker but I've also been playing around with making movies. I've always loved the idea of making a movie, mixing music and sound and telling a story through picture but I have never really had the time or occasion. Well, thanks to Visa, I started.

Procrastination is not my Friend

Visa just recently had a contest that asks for contestants to film a one minute business pitch to judges for a chance at $10,000 from Visa. I liked the idea and wanted to try their "Elevator Pitch" but didn't have a camera. So after putting it off for a while I eventually borrowed a camera from Matt and started playing with the video for the pitch. 

Becoming a Rock Star kat n drew cards recording studio

Well..turns out the due date already passed (DARN!) but now I get to play with audio/ visual stories and am planning some fun videos (kind of like commercials) for Kat n' Drew Cards. Thought I'd share some studio photos (because I kind of feel like a rock star with all this equipment around) and give you a heads up on the exciting new direction we'll be able to cover concerning our stories.

Stay tuned for the results...


Andrew Griepsma

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