Making Memories Through Music


Making Friends Through Music

Occasionally I might find it difficult to really get to know someone or find the time and activities that really bond new friendships together but if there is one thing that seems to consistently break all barriers it is music. So a new friend of the family was over to visit a number of weeks back and we were just in the process of getting to know him. My dad is a friendly guy so he invited Paul over for something to eat and perhaps a drink. Conversations were good, things were interesting but there is always that plateau that seems out of reach from really connecting and getting to know someone...

Cranking Up the Tunes

Well, a couple hours of conversation was dwarfed immediately as I turned on some tunes (a shuffle) and as soon as The Hip came on, Paul came alive like he had not all evening. He was excited and babbling - basically he completely opened himself up over the lyrics of the song. We like the Hip and were right there with him up to the point where we were all playing air instruments at various positions around the living room, belting out "Gift Shop" and dancing around like fools.

The Moral of the Story

More than anything, I think this daily story is about passion and how there are no limits when we are engaged in the activities that we love. When we really give all of ourselves to something, we can have anything! So long story short, we picked up some tickets for The Hip and Death Cab for Cutie and Paul and his sons and my parents and myself are all headed to Niagara on the Lake to take in a wonderful afternoon of music.

Have a listen to The Hip! It's how we made a new friend :)

Andrew Griepsma

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