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Today we have a story written especially for us from the story teller herself. Tania recently looked into getting some charms from us for some extra special custom gifts and, when we heard the story behind them, we were absolutely speechless for how wonderful it was. Kat's first words were literally "I'm speechless.... This was amazing to read, it makes you laugh ,teary and smile all at once." So without any more introduction, I give you Tania and her story

Growing Up United

"My parents punishment if we fought was to make us hug “Until we learned to love each other”, and their constant words were 'You need to be there for each other, what if one day we are not there for you?' Naturally we grew up very close. Yes, there were fights, (we are all girls), but there was more doll playing and fort building. It is not until now that I understand fully what they had meant, and in everything that has happened, that is the most valuable thing they did for us - raise us to be united."

A Diverse Family of Parents

"I am the trail blazer in the lot and the first one to have a baby. Of all my pregnancy worries, the biggest one that plagued me was that my child would grow up without loving grandparents. I was sad for days concerned that if something happened to my husband and I, then my baby would have no place. Then I realized that I was wrong, I have had my sisters! Those childhood memories and the words my parents had said plenty of times rushed in and I felt relieved."

We will continue Tania's Story Shortly in another installment! Stay tuned for Part 2: "Meeting the Family"
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