Practice makes Perfect? Who Cares About Perfect. Do This Instead.

Practice makes Perfect? Who Cares About Perfect. Do This Instead.

It will get you further than perfection ever could

Everyone in this and every other universe has heard of the phrase "Practice makes Perfect" and it makes total sense for a lot of activities. If you want a great jump shot, shooting a lot is a good idea. If you want to make high end jewelry, making jewelry every day will certainly help you towards your goal. But I want to call attention to this phrase for it's use of the word "PERFECT" and how daunting it can be in the pursuit of any real change. 

Perfect is impossible. It is an intangible point we make up to strive towards. Does it seem like an amazing idea? Definitely. But it requires a level of involvement that is impossible for humans. We make mistakes, get tired, and live for more than a single purpose. Perfect is dangerous for us, then, because we can't reach it and end up tired and defeated and let down when we can't get there. 

Start Somewhere Small to Gain Momentum

practice makes progress inspirational quoteIt is an ambitious thought to aim for perfection but it makes even the act of starting that much harder (knowing how far off all of your goals are). Simply starting with projects you know you can complete is a great way to get the ball rolling and prove to yourself that you can actually succeed. For instance, I set a goal of writing a page of words everyday. It didn't have to be for a blog or a book it just had to fill the page with words. The simple act of seeing the pages fill up had a terrific impact on me and I would typically end up writing far more and more often.

I'd like to amend this ridiculously common phrase to something that can be taken in steps - at your own pace - and will still contribute to your dreams. 

Practice makes Progress

productivity makes success

Progress is any increment you deem an improvement. Progress is walking one extra block, writing one extra page, doing one extra rep, or even starting again after you have fallen apart.

Today, I urge you to get comfortable with the idea that you don't need to be perfect. You can be the best in the world at something and still not be perfect - and why would you want to be? Perfection also implies an end point to your growth. Today, realize that constant progress, even in the smallest of ways, is a win and is the first step to your dreams.

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