The No. 1 Thing We Are Most Afraid of When We Change Our Lives

The No. 1 Thing We Are Most Afraid of When We Change Our Lives

It's the biggest, scariest monster out there

When you decide that you want something bigger and better for your world you are, most likely, going to go through a whole host of emotions. Fear, doubt, elation, excitement, anxiety, and hope. It is a lot of emotions to cram into such a small (and huge) decision. I know it might feel like the world is going to explode and that you want to curl up into a ball and hide from it and I wouldn't blame you one bit.

fail until you succeed inspirational quoteYou might even go through the process of deciding to change and sinking back into old habits multiple times! There is no rule that says you have to be fearless and self assured with every decision you make. Sure, some successful people may appear that way but they're just better acquainted and more comfortable with failure. This brings us to the No. 1 thing we're most afraid of in our lives when it comes to change: Ourselves.



What to do when you're your own worst enemy

We start to become haunted by questions like:

"What if I can't make it?"

"What if I don't figure it out?"

"What if it all blows up in my face?"

"What if I'm lonely?"

"What if I'm scared?"

And, maybe, even "What happens if I'm successful?"

We are so used to the common and comfortable that literally everything, even our own successes, have us feeling uneasy. This monster is the most sneaky of all because it haunts us in every weak moment and hesitation. It's our best friend and worst nightmare.

Thankfully, this isn't a race. As I mentioned yesterday, simply making the decision is a huge step. Let it simmer and breathe in the emotions. Fail a couple times and put yourself back together. This is just the beginning of a new you. The old you wasn't made overnight so why expect the new one to be?

imagine your dreams coming true

So, for tonight, focus on the reality that a true, lasting change will bring. Go over all those scary questions until you realize that even if the worst case scenario happens, all you need to do is get up and start again.

And then, the fun part,

Imagining everything you'll be when you're successful!

Until tomorrow,


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