Company Direction

At Kat n' Drew Cards, we look to give more than the average card and gift by pairing gifts and cards together. We Kat from Kat n' Drew Cardsstrive to create a memorable giving occasion, both through the unique nature of our product, and through the keepsake that the recipient can take away from the card and sentiment. Our products are designed and handmade in Canada where we've made our debut with Greeting Cards and where we have honed our system of customer service and giving back. 

As a company that provides the means to give gifts, we would be remiss if we didn't focus on you and giving you the most comprehensive service we can muster. Custom orders, quantity orders, and special gifts are all part of the service we provide to both retail and wholesale customers. And in addition to what we receive, we also look to give back by supporting other small business ventures through our participation with Kiva.

In short, we look to create unique and memorable gifts, provide thorough customer service, and give back to the larger community with our success. At Kat n' Drew Cards, we certainly look to give more than a card.