Greeting Cards for All Occasions

At Kat n' Drew Cards, we try and focus on the complete gift giving experience. Any occasion for cards or favours or gifts falls into the realm of our creativity and, so, we end up creating Birthday Party Favours or Baby Shower Gifts, Wedding Thank You Cards or Personalized Silver Bookmark Cards for school reunions. Our cards are about giving a gift and card all together so that giving a card means more than the paper its printed on - you express yourself through the unique nature of the card as well as the expression on the inside and leave more than an impression on your special someone. 

embossed note cards with gift for all occasions as cute cards

Personalized Cards and Custom Cards

Take a look at all of our occasions, our different styles of cards and array of gift items to find exactly what works with your occasion. Dozens of colours and designs, as well as accompanying gifts, are available but if something doesn't quite fit, our entire stock is completely customizable. We can make custom, personalized cards to suit your every occasion and gift preference.

Funny Quote Cards to Inspirational Quotes

We continue the trend of diverse, unique card giving by offering cards that feature funny quotes, inspirational quotes and quotes thatspeak what's on your mind. We are continually coming up with new notes to accompany gifts and strive to make sure we can start your own words off right with a few of our own.

Kat n' Drew Gift Review

When we give a card, most of the time it is accompanied by a gift. We know that our cards don't fit that trend exactly however that doesn't mean we don't appreciate a unique and well chosen gift. That is why we run the Kat n' Drew Gift Review. It's an array of our favourite gift items, artisans, craft shows and boutique shops to ensure that you are never left short of creative inspiration and that you ALWAYS find that perfect gift. Because, well, people are important to us!