Perfect Small Gift Ideas

 You might just want the small gift piece we feature on our cards instead of sending a gift all in one card and we're perfectly okay with that. We offer the diversity to customize your small gift items as well, should you want only the gift, and can present it in a manner fitting how special the recipient is. Beaded charms, bracelets, bookmarks, buttons and magnets are all items available as the accessory gift to the cards and are all ready for your browsing in the categories listed below.  

Personalized, Custom Gift Items

Similar to our cards, all of our gift items offer the opportunity for customization. All beading styles and colours, 
sizes, clasps and charm findings can be interchanged to suit your needs. Charms can become bookmarks, bookmarks can become cell charms and all magnet and button graphics can be altered to express you own personal message. Template or not, we're hoping we'recreative enough to find something to suits your occasion.