Kiva Entrepreneurs

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As a Greeting Card and Gift company, we like to think that our every days are centered around giving. We help people give gifts and share their lives with other people. So it only makes sense that we take that giving spirit and look to involve it with everything we do. Kiva is one of those instances that we give beyond an ordinary card. 

Supporting Kiva Entrepreneurs

We look at entrepreneurs as fantastic stories and as a terrific way for ordinary people to give back to the community they live in in interesting ways. It only makes sense that we would want to be involved with stories and families - plus we know exactly how hard being an entrepreneur can be sometimes :) 

So we give A% of our profits (from the cards and gifts you are looking to give) to an entrepreneur of our choice, from anywhere in the world, to help them out and get their dreams moving!

Cycle of Kiva Giving

Kiva outlines the process of their microloans in an easy diagram here

Kiva Cycle of Lending

With the last step, we always reinvest the money - which means that every time we make it up to our lending point, we can add another entrepreneur to simultaneously lend to.

Giving to Kiva Yourself

We would certainly encourage looking into Kiva yourself and, perhaps, supporting your own entrepreneur. Give back a little more! and maybe even share the story with us. Because we like giving - a lot - and stories our some of our favourite things :)