Shop Policies

Shop Policies

Q:What is the deal with your cards? Are there little beaded presents attached to them? These aren't regular cards!

A:We pride ourselves in not giving regular cards. If we can help it, we'll even change how you say 'Happy Birthday' (to something like 'Make A Wish)'. Kat n' Drew Cards is about change and giving more than a gift. All of our items come with some attached jewelry or gifts to create a gift all in one. You can give it as a small gift in itself or attach it as a compliment to larger gift items. It is about the freedom of gift giving, to find something you know your person will love.

Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing or quantity discounts?
A: We do have wholesale pricing available for many of our items and many of them can be made in quantity. Just ask us about viewing this pricing. 

Quantity discounts are available and usually work just to take the price down that little bit. Working as hard as we do, we never want to lessen ourselves or the value we place on our work. Special orders may come with extra free gifts! Also, certain discounts may be offered to past buyers, especially if they've appreciated our stuff!

Q:Do you do custom orders?
A: Sure do. Give us a shout and we'll find exactly what you're looking for.

Q:Is the "beyondcharms" shop yours as well?
A:It is. is a more material side to our card front, allowing for hard goods to make your own cards and jewelry. Charms and select cards are also available there so be sure to check it out as well.

Payment Policy

Q:What payment method do you accept?
A:I accept Paypal only. You can also use your credit card through Paypal; you do not have to have a Paypal account to do so. For help using Paypal, click this link:

Q:Should I pay for items right away?
A:We will not process or ship items until the payment has been received for items. We will send you a message if we receive an order that has not been paid for to remind you however will not start an item or ship it until it has been finalized.

Q:Can I cancel my order?
A:You may cancel your order anytime before it has been shipped at no additional cost. This, however, usually means the day that you've ordered your item.

Shipping Policy

Q:How will my item be shipped?
A:All national and international orders are shipped via CanadaPost. Based on the general value of items purchased, this seems to reflect the best method however if you require an item sooner, exceptions can be made. Most items come in bubble wrapped envelopes to protect the contents.

Final shipping rates will be reflected during Paypal checkouts.

Q:How long will my item take to arrive?
A:Orders are usually processed and shipped the day of ordering, depending on the time in which case it is the next day. Shipping is usually 5-12 days for Canada and the US and 7-14 for international orders however items have been known to take less time or a little more. Full tracking is possible however an added cost will be added to shipping. Please contact us before finishing your order to add the extra cost for tracking.

Kat n` Drew Cards cannot be held accountable for incorrect shipping addresses being provided, packages that become lost in the mail or are otherwise not delivered due to postal error, or theft. Kat n` Drew Cards cannot issue refunds for items that are claimed to be lost unless a lost parcel report from Canada Post is provided. By purchasing items from this website, you agree to this policy. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this may cause.

Refund Policy

Q: Do you offer refunds or exchanges?
A:It is our intention to represent our items as accurately as possible however there is always the possibility for misunderstanding. An item may be refunded up to 14 days after purchase however shipping costs will not be refunded and it is the responsibility of the buyer to pay shipping to return the item. Exchanging items works in the same way. If the card or item has been used, written on, or damaged then we can not offer a refund because, well, you've already used the product.

*A Note About Feedback:

Please note, that the Feedback section is not the place to discuss concerns regarding your order. If you intend to leave anything other than positive feedback, I ask that you contact us first so that we can have the opportunity to address any concerns. We value our customers and want nothing more than to find that perfect gift item for you!

Q: Anything else I should know?
A: Just the legal details! All writings featured on Kat n` Drew Cards are Copyright protected and are the intellectual property of Andrew Griepsma. Please respect my hard work and do not mis-use my writings. Upon purchase, these rights, including the right of duplication, do not transfer to the owner of the card. Evidence of excessive copyright infringement will be investigated and pursued through necessary legal actions but if you are using the writings to bring joy locally, by all means use it within reason.

Please Note: Our items are composed of many small beads and charms and are not intended for use by children ages 7 and under. Please make sure no one swallows these items accidentally.

I reserve the right to change or update these policies at any time. Thank You! 
Andrew Griepsma of Kat n` Drew Cards, Copyright 2013.