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Kat n' Drew Cards Website Terms of Use

Ownership and Permission to Use Content

This web site belongs to Kat n’ Drew Cards, Vineland, Ontario, Canada. www.katndrewcards.ca allows you a limited license to access this site for personal, non-commercial use. Without express written consent of katndrewcards.ca, you may only display and download portions of material from Katndrewcards.ca (portions that are not expressly restricted or limited as posted on this site). 
You agree not to use or resell katndrewcards.ca or the services it provides for any commercial purpose and only under express consent from Kat n’ Drew Cards may products and/ or services concerning Kat n’ Drew Cards or Katndrewcards.ca be used for commercial or advertising purposes. You also agree not to send unsolicited commercial messages.
If any of these Terms of service are violated, any and all copies made of any portions of content must be destroyed and your permission to use this site is terminated.

Agreement to Be Bound
Your use of this website constitutes your agreement with Kat n’ Drew Cards to be bound by, and to act in accordance with, these Terms of Use. Furthermore, Kat n’ Drew Cards may change or revise these Terms of Use and will update this posting accordingly. As such, continually visiting the Terms of Use during each visit to the site will keep you informed as to the current Terms of Use of this site. Your use of this website constitutes your agreement to be bound by the then-current Terms of Use. If you do not agree, please do not use this site.

Use of Site Services and Materials
Katndrewcards.ca may change, revise, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the products, publications, information, communication and services at any time without notice or liability. This includes the availability of content. 

Intellectual Property: All of the content on this site, including, but not limited to, photos, icons, text, graphics, images, data compilations and software, is the property of Kat n’ Drew or content providers and is copyrighted as a collective work under Canadian copyright laws. Kat n’ Drew Cards also owns rights to all trademarks and trade names used on this website. No part of the web site may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, used to create plagiaristic works or distributed in any way except in limited portions as expressed in Permission to Use Content above.

Purchase of products or services / Cancellation and Refund Policy
You agree to pay the full amount for any and all of the products and/ or services purchased from Katndrewcards.ca within the established time frame and at the established rate that the time of billing took place. Any sales or discounts in price occurring after a purchase is completed will not affect the price of the fore mentioned purchase.  Any products purchased concerning products being shipped to a third party will be non-refundable and cancellation will only be accepted provided that the order has not yet been processed. Any and all cancellations or refunds for products or services will be at the discretion of Katndrewcards.ca.
For retailers buying products wholesale, cancellation of a desired order must take place before the order is processed. This will be maintained at the discretion of Katndrewcards.ca. Any discrepancies in received product quality must be brought to the attention of Kat n’ Drew Cards within 48 hours of receiving product. Kat n’ Drew Cards claims no responsibility for damaged product or product error after 48 hours after receipt of product by the vendor.
No refunds will be issued for any products after an order has been processed whether it concerns wholesale or retail sales. If there is a discrepancy in product quality concerning vendors and it is brought to the attention of Kat n’ Drew Cards within 48 of receipt of the product, product replacement will be sent in a quantity the same as the damaged amount.     
Specially made sizes for bracelets are non-refundable.

Unsolicited submissions 
Under no circumstances should anyone send unsolicited submissions of text, product ideas, product lines or advertising ideas. Kat n’ Drew Cards appreciates the motivation to move ideas forward but any and all unsolicited submissions to Kat n’ Drew Cards shall be deemed the intellectual property of Kat n’ Drew Cards and the sender shall forfeit all rights to their sent ideas. Kat n’ Drew Cards will therefore reserve the rights to any and all claim on said ideas for the present and future and may use them at their discretion without notice or compensation to the sender. Sent submissions also waive their right to privacy and may not be kept confidential.
In the case of submissions made for the purpose of the “Success Stories” portion of the Katndrewcards.ca website, Kat n’ Drew Cards reserves the right to change/ modify any content sent in to maintain, in their opinion, a consistent quality for the site. Stories sent in will not become the intellectual property of Kat n’ Drew Cards, however, any text sent for the purpose of the “Success Stories” segment will be considered property of the public domain. Those who submit their text forfeit their right to the material as intellectual, copyrightable property to allow it to be used/ shared with the public in a constructive manner.  

Website Disclaimer
All materials represented in this site or made available through this site are provided “as is” and Kat n’ Drew Cards provides no warranties, express or implied. Disclaiming, to the highest possible degree, all warranties concerning merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement, whether express or implied, Kat n’ Drew Cards does not make any warranties concerning the items in this website for correctness or reliability. Katndrewcards.ca strives to maintain this site and its functional operation but is not responsible for operational defects, should they occur. Use of this website occurs at your own risk of damage or loss.
Should this website become a target of virus’, Trojan horses or other harmful components, Katndrewcards.ca claims no responsibility to the personal damaged sustained as a result of their presence. In all such cases, you (and not Katndrewcards.ca) assume the entire cost of all necessary servicing, repair and corrections. 

Limitations of Disclaimers
Applicable law in certain areas does not allow for disclaimers proposed in these Terms of use and, as such, these may not apply to you. Kat n’ Drew Cards, under no circumstances, shall be liable to you for damages or losses as a result of using this site in excess of the amount paid by you.
Kat n’ Drew Cards also recognizes that material within this site may not be appropriate in countries outside of Canada. As such, use of this website outside of Canada should be at the users own discretion. Should legal issues arise from the use of this website or its products, you agree to allow legal proceedings to occur under the applicable law jurisdiction of Ontario, Canada.

Member conduct policy
By registering with Katndrewcards.ca, you accept these Terms and Conditions of use and agree to provide Kat n’ Drew Cards with accurate, personal information. Personal information will not be disclosed to anyone, including third parties unless in specific cases: (i) an order has been placed and shipping has been requested. Upon such action, some personal information such as name and address will be shared with a shipping provider; (ii) information given is not accurate or has been given with the permission of its owner. Any inaccuracies concerning personal information pertaining to legal issues will be shared with the legal authorities; (iii) personal messages sent to be given with cards to a third party will be viewed by a correspondent at Kat n’ Drew Cards in order to transfer the message and complete the order.
In the case of a product being sent to a third party via our direct card delivery service, personal information concerning the third party (name and address) will be shared with a shipping provider.
Any information concerning a third party will not be used to contact them. Kat n’ Drew Cards will only contact the third party should they be contacted by the party first. 

If any of these terms are found to be un-lawful or unenforceable, they shall be severable from the terms and conditions and do not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining terms 

No Waiver
At no time does Kat n’ Drew Cards waive their legal rights to these Terms of Use even in the case of their failure to enforce them concerning past, present or future infractions. The transference of funds to Kat n’ Drew Cards or the expectation of a person for Kat n’ Drew Cards to enforce the Terms also do not constitute waivers for Kat n’ Drew Cards to these terms. Only a signed, written agreement between a party and an authorized representative of Kat n’ Drew Cards may waive rights to these Terms. 

No Legal Effect
The titles used to represent sections in these Terms of Use shall have no legal effect and represent no legal descriptions; they are for reference purposes.

All Rights Reserved by Kat n’ Drew Cards, 2012.