Magnet Display from Kat n' Drew CardsWholesale Potential with Kat n' Drew Cards

We could not right-fully name ourselves a company that focuses on giving without also offering the opportunity for others to share our products. We offer full lines of cards and gifts, as well as custom displays, to compliment your product array and add a diversity to your giving that transcends either simple gifts or cards.

Product Catalogue and Package Choices

While we offer the flexibility of choice of any of our cards to pick and choose your inventory, sometimes it is beneficial to have a small roadmap to ease through the process. We offer packages of cards as well as whole display suggestions to set you in motion and get a good idea of what you like and what works with your business. Displays are available as a table-top model or free standing model.

Pricing and Purchase Options Display for Kat n' Drew Cards

For a complete list of pricing and packaged purchase options feel free to contact us at katndrew@hotmail.com and let us know you're interested!