Sister Card. Cute Birthday Card for your Favourite Sister. NC030

Sister Birthday Card

It might seem mean that you are naming a favourite sibling but in reality it is meant merely as a jest. You can smile at the silliness of the idea, take the magnet quote off, and keep smiling long afterwards. Whether you don't have a sister, have only one or have many, it continues to be a cute little gift idea. Not quite right? Try more of our Magnet Quote Cards.

Sister Magnet Card with Funny Quote

We offer a great deal with our Magnet Note Cards that includes your "Sister" card. Choose any three of them and purchase them and get a fourth card for free! Simply mention which card and add the product code in your check-out notes and we will be sure to ship them to you with your order!

Kat n' Drew Cards Note Card

Outside: You're My Favourite Sister

Inside: Blank, because we started you off on the outside.

Note Card: 2 3/4" by 3"
Magnet: 2" x 1 1/4"
Product: NC030
Favourite Sister Cute Magnet Quote

Collections: Birthday

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