Giving Your Heart Note Card - NOTE-PRES105

Give your Heart Card

This Note Card is to share your love and give your heart away. Literally, it's embossed with a heart and present, a symbol of how much you'd give, but it's what's inside and what they take away from the gift that truly matters - it's your love that matters!

Inside: Blank to say what's in your heart

Note Card Gift from the Heart

It features a charm with "Love" finding to take away from the gift afterwards. This makes it perfect as a wedding favor, baby shower favor, or a card that you want to keep on giving even after you've passed your love along.

Note Card: 2 3/4" by 3" Charm: 1 1/4"

Included: White Envelope and beaded "Love" Charm. 

Gift Intended For: Zippers, Wallets, Boots and Keys.

Giving Your Heart Note Card

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