I Love You Card - NOTE-LOVE208

 I Love You Purple Note Card

A Valentine that speaks Bee Mine is perfect for your loving. The Honey Bee with hearts is cute enough for a valentine, small enough to be a gift tag or complete enough to give as a love card by itself.  

Inside: Blank, we started the cute and have left you to finish it.

Love Message Note Card

Love messages help us express how we feel - Love isn't exactly something that comes straight-forward as it can come in so many different forms for different reasons. So we've made a cute love message card and hope it will inspire how you express your extraordinary relationships.

Note Card: 2 3/4" by 3" Charm: 1 1/4"

Included: White Envelope and beaded Heart Charm. 

Gift Intended For: Jackets, Hoodies, and Purses.

I Love You Card - Love Message Note
By: Kat n' Drew Cards

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