Thank You Note Card - NOTE-THYOU307

Thank You in Pink

You are sure to need some help along the way in your daily day to day routine - a special favor, a kind gesture - or perhaps you appreciate a gift given or someone being there for you. However you chose to say Thank You you can be sure your thanks will resound with the pink thank you note card.

Thank You Note 

It is a Thank You Note but it is also a small angel charm to give as a card and gift altogether. If you really appreciate someone, show them! Give them a little something more. Pink, Aqua, - whichever is their favourite colour, we can help with that too.

Note Card: 2 3/4" by 3" Charm: 1 1/4"

Included: White Envelope and beaded Angel Charm. 

Gift Intended For: Zippers, Wallets, Keys and Purses.

Thank You Note Card

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