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Kiva Lending to Support Entrepreneurs

Today we are proud to announce that we have sponsored our 5th entrepreneur through Kiva Microlending. As I'm writing, I'm realizing we have not included our participation with Kiva on the site but, basically, we take 5% of our profits and use that money towards supporting entrepreneurs all over the world through Kiva. As a greeting card and gift company, we are all about giving and whether that means we help YOU give gifts or we enable others to chase their dreams with small monetary gifts, we're down. Because we know how much work is involved in small business!

Supporting Small Businesses and Families

Sandra Elizabeth from Kiva MicrolendingWe have supported a number of different endeavors in the past but, this time around, we will be supporting a woman by the name of Sandra Elizabeth. She is from El Salvador and is looking for $275 to buy beans to help support her farm and family. She lives with her husband and children and, together, they grow beans and corn to sell at a local town market. This is the only source of income for the family. The loan will help her see her dream of filling all of her land with crops to provide a larger income for the family and help make a better life for her kids!

Giving Back in More Ways

Feel free to support Sandra on your own or any number of people through Kiva to help people realize their dreams. It certainly makes us happy to see them succeed. We'll be sure to post information about Kiva and about the people and businesses we support in the future!

You can find Sandra's Profile by Clicking the Link

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