practice makes progress inspirational quote

Practice makes Perfect? Who Cares About Perfect. Do This Instead.

It will get you further than perfection ever could

Everyone in this and every other universe has heard of the phrase "Practice makes Perfect" and it makes total sense for a lot of activities. If you want a great jump shot, shooting a lot is a good idea. If you want to make high end jewelry, making jewelry every day will certainly help you towards your goal. But I want to call attention to this phrase for it's use of the word "PERFECT" and how daunting it can be in the pursuit of any real change. 

Perfect is impossible. It is an intangible point we make up to strive towards. Does it seem like an amazing idea? Definitely. But it requires a level of involvement that is impossible for humans. We makes mistakes, get tired, and live for more than a single purpose. Perfect is dangerous for us, then, because we can't reach it and end up tired and defeated and let down when we can't get there. 

Start Somewhere Small to Gain Momentum

practice makes progress inspirational quoteIt is an ambitious thought to aim for perfection but it makes even the act of starting that much harder (knowing how far off all of your goals are). Simply starting with projects you know you can complete is a great way to get the ball rolling and prove to yourself that you can actually succeed. For instance, I set a goal of writing a page of words everyday. It didn't have to be for a blog or a book it just had to fill the page with words. The simple act of seeing the pages fill up had a terrific impact on me and I would typically end up writing far more and more often.

I'd like to amend this ridiculously common phrase to something that can be taken in steps - at your own pace - and will still contribute to your dreams. 

Practice makes Progress

productivity makes success

Progress is any increment you deem an improvement. Progress is walking one extra block, writing one extra page, doing one extra rep, or even starting again after you have fallen apart.

Today, I urge you to get comfortable with the idea that you don't need to be perfect. You can be the best in the world at something and still not be perfect - and why would you want to be? Perfection also implies an end point to your growth. Today, realize that constant progress, even in the smallest of ways, is a win and is the first step to your dreams.

Until tomorrow,


Andrew Griepsma
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fear of failure inspired quote

The No. 1 Thing We Are Most Afraid of When We Change Our Lives

It's the biggest, scariest monster out there

When you decide that you want something bigger and better for your world you are, most likely, going to go through a whole host of emotions. Fear, doubt, elation, excitement, anxiety, and hope. It is a lot of emotions to cram into such a small (and huge) decision. I know it might feel like the world is going to explode and that you want to curl up into a ball and hide from it and I wouldn't blame you one bit.

fail until you succeed inspirational quoteYou might even go through the process of deciding to change and sinking back into old habits multiple times! There is no rule that says you have to be fearless and self assured with every decision you make. Sure, some successful people may appear that way but they're just better acquainted and more comfortable with failure. This brings us to the No. 1 thing we're most afraid of in our lives when it comes to change: Ourselves.



What to do when you're your own worst enemy

We start to become haunted by questions like:

"What if I can't make it?"

"What if I don't figure it out?"

"What if it all blows up in my face?"

"What if I'm lonely?"

"What if I'm scared?"

And, maybe, even "What happens if I'm successful?"

We are so used to the common and comfortable that literally everything, even our own successes, have us feeling uneasy. This monster is the most sneaky of all because it haunts us in every weak moment and hesitation. It's our best friend and worst nightmare.

Thankfully, this isn't a race. As I mentioned yesterday, simply making the decision is a huge step. Let it simmer and breathe in the emotions. Fail a couple times and put yourself back together. This is just the beginning of a new you. The old you wasn't made overnight so why expect the new one to be?

imagine your dreams coming true

So, for tonight, focus on the reality that a true, lasting change will bring. Go over all those scary questions until you realize that even if the worst case scenario happens, all you need to do is get up and start again.

And then, the fun part,

Imagining everything you'll be when you're successful!

Until tomorrow,


Andrew Griepsma
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Start Becoming the Person You Always Dreamed You Could

Start Becoming the Person You Always Dreamed You Could

It is easier than you think! Just one day at a time

Today we are starting on the road of good intentions! Dreams are huge, sometimes intangible, things that we can't seem to reach or touch but we want to help nurture the inspiration in ourselves to get up and make those dreams a reality! “How?” you ask? Well, it may be a long road but we want to start it in the easiest place we can: in your mind.

stronger than you think inspirational quote

Sometimes all a change needs to become a reality is for someone to start thinking a little differently. With even just a LITTLE more hope, or belief, or ambition, we can set the wheels turning in our heads to start considering the world out there that is waiting for us. Norman Vincent Peale said “Change your thoughts and you change your world” and that is where we would like to start this journey of self actualization.We aren't asking for huge goals, for big dreams, or for the earth to shift, we are starting today by asking you to consider the question:

“What would I be doing with my day, or with this very moment, if I wanted my life to change?”

It is a small consideration in a day filled with thousands of choices and considerations, and compromises, but if we start to think about our intentions we may just be able to start something bigger.

What You Can Start Today

Today is easy – and the MOST difficult – because today is the day you start. So, consider your question for the day:

“What would I be doing with my day, or with this very moment, if I wanted my life to change?”

and, perhaps, look at the motivations behind why you're doing something else instead. There is enormous power in intention and, today, we ask that you start looking at yours!

Let us know what you would do with your day today if it could be different!

Until tomorrow,


Andrew Griepsma
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A Calm Choice of Music for a Sunny Afternoon

A Calm Choice of Music for a Sunny Afternoon


Sitting in the living room this afternoon, where our display for the One of a Kind Show is now set up and taking up our house, I've decided to put some music on and enjoy the sunshine coming through the window. My brother brought home his record player and all his records this past month and he has one of my favourite albums - hence the lovely listening.

Bon Iver and His Skinny Love

The Album is by Bon Iver and it is called "For Emma, Forever Ago" and it is fantastic. The main man, Justin Vernon, has made an album since this one but this is the album my brother has so I listen to it - a lot! The name, 'Bon Iver,' comes from the French phrase "Bon Hiver" or "Good Winter," which he came up with before starting his album while isolated in a cabin in Wisconsin. Personally, I really enjoy "Skinny Love" - I've included a link to the song and a cover as well here - but the entire album puts me in a creative mood and that is AMAZING while I am trying to be creative.

Music to Get Inspired With

So, in light of it being sunny, and me listening to a favourite album, I am compelled to ask what you listen to when you are trying to get in a creative mood Obviously there are different genres for different moods but I am listening to music so often (and will continue to share my favourites) that I love finding new favourites! 
If you can find me something that is my next great love, I can give you a surprise! Tickets to our upcoming One of a Kind Show in Toronto from March 26-30 - OR - a free card of your choice! But it's got to be good!
Let me know what you decide - and which version of the song you like the best ;)


Andrew Griepsma
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How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Spring Wedding

How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Spring Wedding

Unique Wedding Gifts for a Personal Touch

There are always those people as part of your wedding party that you just couldn't pull the special day off without. Bridesmaids, special friends, mothers, fathers, and, of course, the Maid of Honour (the MOH). In all the hustle and bustle of the big event it is easy to get swept away and not stop and really appreciate how important these special people are and how much they mean to you in moving forward with your new life.

When A Card just isn't Enough

Finding a perfect card for those important people is easily the best way to make sure you remember to tell someone how much you care. In no way should it only be said with ONLY a card, but it's a start. This is where we started thinking.... well, why not make that card extra unique? Why can't it serve as a keepsake and memory of how important these people are and how much you appreciate them being in your life? Well, it can. So we tried for something along those lines :)

The Bridesmaid Card

We paired a unique charm necklace with a silver plated chain and added it to a card to create that all in one gift idea. With dozens of quotes to say the right thing for the right occasion, and the ability to customize the charms on the necklace, it is an amazing way to show how much you care. We will be introducing these cards at the One of a Kind Spring Show in Toronto next week and would love to know what you think! 

If not with a card, what are some other unique ways you've shown your wedding party just how much they mean to you? Let us know on Facebook and we will give you a surprise!


Andrew Griepsma
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Planning Time for One of a Kind Spring Show in Toronto

One of a Kind Toronto Spring Show

It's that time again! The One of a Kind Show in Toronto is right around the corner and we are gearing up to present some new card designs once again. As it turns out, we have a different booth size than we were anticipating and, so, we've had to do some playing - here is a sneak peak of what you might see starting on the 26th of March at the Direct Energy Center.


New Card Designs from Kat n' Drew Cards

In addition to a new layout we are also introducing a number of new card lines for this coming show. We like to keep things fresh and continuously update our look and concept. These cards will be EXCLUSIVE for the One of a Kind Show in Toronto as it will be the first time we've presented them to the public. My last post was a taste of what you might expect and my next will be of a second design for Wedding Favours, Shower Cards, or Special Occasion gifts. Check back again tomorrow for an advanced look at what to shop for this spring at the One of a Kind Show.


If you'd like tickets to the upcoming show, message us! We have a number of free pairs to give away and would be happy to give you some!


Also, let us know what you think of our layout so far! We would be more than happy, however, to see what you think of it in person!

See you soon!




Andrew Griepsma
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The Gift For All Occasions: When You Need That Little Extra Something

Sometimes there are occasions where you just can't think of what to get someone - we have all been there, I know -and while we may have some ideas in mind there just isn't that personal touch to add to your occasion. It was with this in mind that we started work on a new design for our Charm Note Cards.
A small note card and envelope is paired with a beaded clip on charm to create an all in one gift idea. Of course they can be given as a part of a larger gift but Kat also designed them with  Baby and Wedding Showers in mind as small favours or 'Thank You's' - and I think she is right!
So when you need a little something extra, we've got just the card for you! We will be showcasing them at the upcoming 'One of a Kind Show' in Toronto for the Spring Show. The show will run from March 26-30th. Come by and have a look at these and a number of other All in One Card solutions.
Oh! and let us know what you think! 
Talk to you soon!
Andrew Griepsma
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Ellen and the Oscars

So, as usual, I wasn't on the ball and completely missed the Oscars this year. It's unfortunate in some sense but also - not really. I still got to see all the hilarious moments from the BEST - Ellen. True, it's late, but I figured I should give a little something back to her because of all of her Twitter Breaking / Pizza Delivering awesomeness. 

Andrew Griepsma
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Valentine's Day Card Special

In honor of the upcoming day which usually involves some cards and some love, we're thinking you should get a free card! We like you, so why not! You can choose from any $3.25 cards and mix and match between magnet cards and embossed note cards, should you desire. Basically, it is a great way to give more!


Have a look through our katndrewcards ETSY Shop and pick out your favourites for Valentine's Day and whichever other Holidays you may want to stock up for!


Andrew Griepsma
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Creative Studio Space

 and so it begins... As of the past couple months, our place has been over-run with Kat n' Drew Cards. Cards on tables, in the living rooms, filling up multiple rooms.. and it is getting kind of hard to find what we need. We, more than likely, have 10 pairs of scissors somewhere but do you think I can find one pair? Negative. So we've decided to expand some empty space and make a place just for the cards and the creating :) So we figured we'd do a little before and after and during piece to keep you in the loop how things are working out.

Kat n Drew Cards Studio Workspace 

This is currently the only sane space we have... pretty, yes, but not very practical by way of building cards 

Kat n Drew Cards Creative Studio 

So we are going to knock down some walls and make some space! The insulated wall backs onto our current studio. So basically the old studio and this new area will become one big workspace for Kat n' Drew!

Kat n Drew Cards Studio Renovation

Kat n Drew Cards New Studio

As you can see, we are going right back to the studs with this one. We will certainly keep you updated as we work away with this. As a matter of fact, you can find updates periodically on our Facebook. Follow us on Facebook and watch our studio transform into a beautiful butterfly... well, you know what I mean


Andrew Griepsma
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Free Shipping in Canada


Evening Everyone!

As you may or may not have seen, we've added an interesting little tid-bit to our shop just recently in the form of Free Shipping to anywhere in Canada! If you pop onto our Facebook Page, you'll find the coupon code to enter when you check out and you're all set! 

As for orders headed to the states - we've greatly reduced shipping on everything across the shop. There isn't a code to enter, you'll simply find the shipping costs low at check out!

We hope you enjoy and take advantage of the extra savings!

Thanks All!


Andrew Griepsma
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Shawn's Birthday Week!

Birthday Card and Magnet Quote for Birthdays 

Christmas Cards for Birthday Wishes!

Good Afternoon All! I'm coming to you on this special week with a wonderful little personal celebration. It it Shawn Michael's Birthday this week! Son and Brother to us here at Kat n' Drew Cards and in honour of him turning (23? I think?) we are offering you something special.

Christmas Gifts and Cards

Love you Christmas Card and Heart Zipper Pull GiftHands down, Christmas and Birthday Cards are the cards that we seem to buy and give the most to our nearest and dearest. So because Shawn's Birthday is a nice little mixture of both, we will be giving deals on both Christmas AND Birthday Cards. 

Take a look through our shop here at Kat n' Drew Cards or our ETSY at and find some cards you like at the $3.25 price point (This will include Magnet Quote Cards and Charm Note Cards) - Choose and Purchase any 3 and you get one Free! 

We've cleverly (at least I think so) named it the buy 3, get one free! deal for Shawn Mike's big week :)

So browse through, find some favourites, and let us know as you check out which card (your 4th) you'd like us to send along with the others!

Andrew Griepsma
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