Meeting the Family

 Raising a Family

Ok! Here it is! Part two of Tania's story :) Hope you enjoy!Aqua Packaging for Special Gifts

"The best part of it all is that we are all different, and so my baby will have advice and love of all kinds. When my child is heartbroken, my oldest sister Betty (with her romantic personality) can give hope. She is the sensitive artist, making art out of photography, music, and paint. If my child needs loving but strict advice (not to mention makeup and fitness advice, if I am having a girl), then there is Lily. She is the free spirited, pink loving, makeup expert! Now if straight honesty is needed, then there's Soozee with her straight forward answers - and oh how she loves cuddling! My baby will not be needy of hugs around her. She is the chocolate lover, hug giving, sarcastic answering one. Last but not least there's Briana! We may not be blood related, but she has surely earned her place in our crazy sister world. She has been our home, and shared our sadness and our happiness, been at our weddings, birthdays, holidays. Most recently she has had the loss of baby Sophia, and that she is even here for me now, as hard as it has to be, is beyond appreciation. I know if my child wants to play and have fun, Bree is the one to go to! She's always ready to make you laugh and has a witty remark for everything! Even now in her sorrow, I can see her always funny personality shine through. I know her daughter is proud of her."

Special Gifts for Special People

New Charms for Special Sisters"Being so grateful and excited that my baby would not lack love, hugs, laughs, safety, I decided to get each of them a gift! Something that would express without words that I would always love them, and that now my child would as well. I stumbled upon Kat n' Drew's shop of charms & cards and I was so delighted by their approach to gift giving! I had Kat (whom was amazing) create a charm for a bracelet for each one of my sisters, that would match their personalities. I had stored them hoping to reveal the sex of the baby and would get another charm to add to their bracelet as soon as I knew. However, my sister Lily came down to visit, so I decided since we were all together it would be great to give them the first charm now. We gathered round and I pulled out the light turquoise jewelry boxes holding their charms. It was a sweet experience to share this together as I had not expected to have them all in the same place. I am now looking forward in a week to know the sex of the baby and to be able to share even more memories of this process with each of them."

 The Small Part Kat n' Drew Contributed

"I look forward to continue buying my sisters charms for each special time in their lives and also, of course, to being Kat n' Drew's loyal customer. I don't think I could have found a better place to build memories with."

Thank Yous!

We simply cannot thank Tania enough for sharing her story - it really is something special and we are proud that we could help be a part of this story. Thank You Tania! I wonder whether the baby is a boy or a girl!

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Great poem! beautiful thghouts turned to beautiful words. Thanks for sharing this to us and i’m looking forward to read more from you. Job well done!Heidi19 recently posted..


he is in my prayers!!! awww my litlte maverick is my life too, so I COMPLETELY understand! let us know how it goes?so glad to have found you thru etsy ;) i love your corner of le internet!p.s. Kat.. we are kindred, seriously…my bichon frise is named after my favorite NBA team (GO DALLAS MAVERICKS!) but she was 1 second from being named Bono for BONO :) seeing u2 live was a HUGE live list checked off…


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