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life is an adventure 

Making Life an Adventure

I've been thinking more and more about the story section of this blog and find myself liking the idea even more than when I started. Cards really do follow the stories of our lives - the biggest occasions - and give us the chance to reflect on how cool we really are! 

More than that however, by posting these stories about all of our lives, the seemingly regular stories that we might find mundane, we are really showing the world how exciting we all are one person at a time.

More Interesting than a Movie Star

brad pitt and angelina jolie as average americansWhen you stop to think about Movie Stars or Pop Stars and how much they are followed and envied by the general public, you start to notice how little there actually is behind most of the stories. 

"They got a new outfit" - "They're dating this person" - 

and we neglect the big picture in our own lives while we pay attention to all of the "exciting" things that the celebs are doing. The point I'm trying to make here is that most of our lives are far more interesting and full than many of the lives of people we follow and idolize. It's not that they are all uninteresting but they are not always the most important stories in the world. 

WE should be the ones people follow! - 

or rather, when we step back and look at all that we accomplish, all we dream about, all of our relationships and jobs and journeys, you can start to see how believing in yourself and your significance makes you bigger than any star. Sure, we aren't on TMZ but our stories are still interesting and our lives are still bright.

Reversing the Roles of Stars

I like that the everyday person has their own interesting stories to share - that we don't have to be fed our entertainment and emotions from shows and movies all the time. And I like that, if even in a small way, we are helping people realize just how much of an adventure and grand story their lives are. 

True I've been thinking about this for a while but it also comes as I notice a neat posting that pictures what stars might look like if they were "average" people. We are all stars! sometimes it just takes believing in our own journey :)

oo and have a look at the average joe movie stars from Planet Hiltron

also! the top photo is from Madison at LivingLifeNoRegrets

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