A Calm Choice of Music for a Sunny Afternoon

A Calm Choice of Music for a Sunny Afternoon

Sitting in the living room this afternoon, where our display for the One of a Kind Show is now set up and taking up our house, I've decided to put some music on and enjoy the sunshine coming through the window. My brother brought home his record player and all his records this past month and he has one of my favourite albums - hence the lovely listening.

Bon Iver and His Skinny Love

The Album is by Bon Iver and it is called "For Emma, Forever Ago" and it is fantastic. The main man, Justin Vernon, has made an album since this one but this is the album my brother has so I listen to it - a lot! The name, 'Bon Iver,' comes from the French phrase "Bon Hiver" or "Good Winter," which he came up with before starting his album while isolated in a cabin in Wisconsin. Personally, I really enjoy "Skinny Love" - I've included a link to the song and a cover as well here - but the entire album puts me in a creative mood and that is AMAZING while I am trying to be creative.

Music to Get Inspired With

So, in light of it being sunny, and me listening to a favourite album, I am compelled to ask what you listen to when you are trying to get in a creative mood Obviously there are different genres for different moods but I am listening to music so often (and will continue to share my favourites) that I love finding new favourites! 
If you can find me something that is my next great love, I can give you a surprise! Tickets to our upcoming One of a Kind Show in Toronto from March 26-30 - OR - a free card of your choice! But it's got to be good!
Let me know what you decide - and which version of the song you like the best ;)


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