How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Spring Wedding

How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Spring Wedding

There are always those people as part of your wedding party that you just couldn't pull the special day off without. Bridesmaids, special friends, mothers, fathers, and, of course, the Maid of Honour (the MOH). In all the hustle and bustle of the big event, it is easy to get swept away and not stop and really appreciate how important these special people are and how much they mean to you in moving forward with your new life.

When A Card just isn't Enough

Andrew Griepsma
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Valentine's Day Card Special

In honor of the upcoming day which usually involves some cards and some love, we're thinking you should get a free card! We like you, so why not! You can choose from any $3.25 cards and mix and match between magnet cards and embossed note cards, should you desire. Basically, it is a great way to give more!


Have a look through our katndrewcards ETSY Shop and pick out your favourites for Valentine's Day and whichever other Holidays you may want to stock up for!


Andrew Griepsma
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Free Shipping in Canada


Evening Everyone!

As you may or may not have seen, we've added an interesting little tid-bit to our shop just recently in the form of Free Shipping to anywhere in Canada! If you pop onto our Facebook Page, you'll find the coupon code to enter when you check out and you're all set! 

As for orders headed to the states - we've greatly reduced shipping on everything across the shop. There isn't a code to enter, you'll simply find the shipping costs low at check out!

We hope you enjoy and take advantage of the extra savings!

Thanks All!


Andrew Griepsma
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Shawn's Birthday Week!

Birthday Card and Magnet Quote for Birthdays 

Christmas Cards for Birthday Wishes!

Good Afternoon All! I'm coming to you on this special week with a wonderful little personal celebration. It it Shawn Michael's Birthday this week! Son and Brother to us here at Kat n' Drew Cards and in honour of him turning (23? I think?) we are offering you something special.

Christmas Gifts and Cards

Love you Christmas Card and Heart Zipper Pull GiftHands down, Christmas and Birthday Cards are the cards that we seem to buy and give the most to our nearest and dearest. So because Shawn's Birthday is a nice little mixture of both, we will be giving deals on both Christmas AND Birthday Cards. 

Take a look through our shop here at Kat n' Drew Cards or our ETSY at and find some cards you like at the $3.25 price point (This will include Magnet Quote Cards and Charm Note Cards) - Choose and Purchase any 3 and you get one Free! 

We've cleverly (at least I think so) named it the buy 3, get one free! deal for Shawn Mike's big week :)

So browse through, find some favourites, and let us know as you check out which card (your 4th) you'd like us to send along with the others!

Andrew Griepsma
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