Telling Stories Through All The Special Occasions in Our Lives

Telling Stories Through All The Special Occasions in Our Lives

    Stories are kind of our thing. Our stories, random stories and the stories of some of the people who have bought cards - because behind each gift and special occasion is a whole world. Everyone has a story to tell and we've found, since starting to sell cards, that most people just want to share that story. Weddings, Birthdays, Husbands, Wives, Trips and Tragedy - there is always something extraordinary going on in all of our lives but until we stop to think about it and relay it, it may just pass us by.


    We hope to use this forum to share all the stories that surround our lives and the lives of our customers. There is always something to be learned and enjoyed from every tale and it gets you thinking about how many little adventures we really do have in our own lives. Feel free to email us to share your own stories at

Gift Review from Kat n' Drew    

    Beyond the stories, we look to create a community of giving. We make cards with gifts included - so what kind of card makers would we be if we didn't continually give more ourselves. 

- We will interview gift shops that have like minded approaches to giving and carry unique, inspiring items

Kat and Drew Cards

- We will take special items we've found and used ourselves and review them as suggestions for your own continued giving

- We hope to keep you informed about the creative community in our area, telling you about upcoming shows and events that are sure to hold artistic surprises

- I'm kind of a music person, so chances are I will be sharing whichever great new tune keeps us happy during the day

-We'll share all of your stories as well as the small stories that make up our days and, in turn, make up your cards     

Share Your Own Stories and Special Occasions    

    We hope you enjoy and feel encouraged to follow along and participate - it's about the stories that surround the special occasions in our lives, how could they not be the most important things to us :)

- Drew


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