The Most Important Thing You MUST Prioritize to Find Success

The Most Important Thing You MUST Prioritize to Find Success

There are a ton of books and blogs around these days that will explain how important various aspects of your life are for contributing to your success. You will see some that speak of having much less sleep (like 4 hours a night) to ensure success. Others say that you can't have balance in your life and that you need to concentrate on your goals 100% of the time. These tactics might work for some people and would certainly get you to your goals eventually, but at what cost?

You Need To Be At Your Best To Give Other People Your Best

The most important thing in your life is, ultimately, yourself. If you are sick or fatigued or stressed out of your tree then you are not able to put forward the best version of yourself and you are not really helping anyone. By making sure you are taken care of and feeling ready to go and passionate about life, you end up giving more, doing more, and accomplishing more.

We schedule work and dinner and events for our kids and sleep and time for our friends - so why not schedule time for you? Treat the time just as important as a work meeting and do not compromise. It might only be 30 minutes to watch your favorite show or to go for a walk or a run but it is the time to reset yourself. 

Today we ask you to consider some things you LOVE to do that don't take too much time. Write them down and start to make dates with yourself on when you can get after them. You will thank yourself over and over.

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