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Kat n' Drew Cards

Love Set Ablaze Card. RB084

Love Set Ablaze Card. RB084

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Outside: You are the most nerdy person I have ever met. And that is what drew me in. Too many people are trying to be cool, or hot, or suave, or successful, that to find someone who is trying to be themself is like a friggin' miracle. Imagine my surprise, then, that when I met you I started to follow your lead. I started finding value in my own opinion and feelings. You were like a spark that set me ablaze. I like you. I really like you. You make me a better person and I can't wait for each day I get with you.

Inside: Blank - It's up to you to fill it in
Card: 5 1/2" x 4 1/4"
Included: White Envelope
Product: RB084
Love Set Ablaze Card
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