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A Long Life/ Overwhelming Happiness Card. PGC083

A Long Life/ Overwhelming Happiness Card. PGC083

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Outside: May You Two Enjoy A Long Life Of Silly Giggles, Stolen Blankets, Smelly Farts And Overwhelming Happiness

Inside: Blank - It's up to you to fill it in
When we think about love we tend to think about the big moments. We talk about that huge date with the romantic gesture, a big wedding with a beautiful dress, or a special trip. The reality of love is that we end up loving all of the small, little things that no one else sees. Life is full of the small moments and when you can love and appreciate those you know you have someone special.
Card: 5 1/2" x 4 1/4"
Included: Red Envelope
Product: PGC083

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A Long Life / Overwhelming Happiness Card
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