Ellen and the Oscars

So, as usual, I wasn't on the ball and completely missed the Oscars this year. It's unfortunate in some sense but also - not really. I still got to see all the hilarious moments from the BEST - Ellen. True, it's late, but I figured I should give a little something back to her because of all of her Twitter Breaking / Pizza Delivering awesomeness. 

Andrew Griepsma
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Creative Studio Space

 and so it begins... As of the past couple months, our place has been over-run with Kat n' Drew Cards. Cards on tables, in the living rooms, filling up multiple rooms.. and it is getting kind of hard to find what we need. We, more than likely, have 10 pairs of scissors somewhere but do you think I can find one pair? Negative. So we've decided to expand some empty space and make a place just for the cards and the creating :) So we figured we'd do a little before and after and during piece to keep you in the loop how things are working out.

Kat n Drew Cards Studio Workspace 

This is currently the only sane space we have... pretty, yes, but not very practical by way of building cards 

Kat n Drew Cards Creative Studio 

So we are going to knock down some walls and make some space! The insulated wall backs onto our current studio. So basically the old studio and this new area will become one big workspace for Kat n' Drew!

Kat n Drew Cards Studio Renovation

Kat n Drew Cards New Studio

As you can see, we are going right back to the studs with this one. We will certainly keep you updated as we work away with this. As a matter of fact, you can find updates periodically on our Facebook. Follow us on Facebook and watch our studio transform into a beautiful butterfly... well, you know what I mean


Andrew Griepsma
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If These Quotes Could Talk

 quote magnet funny message

Quotes are Better when They aren't on Paper

The Quotes didn't work the first time so why didn't I clue in after that? I just over-thought it when I should have went crazy, creative, and let myself loose. The quotes still didn't work but we had just got into the OOAK Vancouver Show so I didn't think about them anymore. Now, I went to school at UBC and all my friends were there and came to see us at the show and Kait, one of my besties, was all like "well why don't you put something that I'll actually use on the cards?" She clearly wasn't a charm fan - although she did buy a bookmark card :) Anyway, to spite her, and knowing her love of random stuff on the fridge, I took that quote idea, made it into a magnet quote and wrote something like

"I Love You Even When You're Stupid"one of a kind show vancouver

and sent a picture to her. I liked that. So I started playing around with more. They were into Ryan Gosling (still are) at the time so "I Love You more than Ryan Gosling" - this was getting fun. I just kept going with it and her. "You're my favourite best friend"  - "Wine and You My Two Favourite Things"  - "A Graduate? In What? English?" (I graduated with a B.A. in English and she is a Chemical Engineer now going for her masters) I Think I was onto something and, so, when OOAK Toronto Spring Show rolled around I tried out a couple hundred of them. They all sold out. Immediately. So we took the train home, made more magnets and went back only to have them fly again and again. It was a good show but, really, it was the start of something so much more - 

My True Creativity :)

Andrew Griepsma
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Mini Horse Shows


Great Dane Cards as Gifts

Today, interestingly, is about more dogs and the cards that come along with them - or in this case, small horses. One of Kat's greatest friends in the world, and my aunty, Lisa just visited us from her horse farm in Johnson City, Texas! We try and visit, in either place, at least once a year when we can get time but WOW has her year ever been a busy one. Yes, Lisa has a horse farm with 7 horses but more importantly she has 3 mini horses; Great Danes.

Professional Great Dane

great dane picture

Lisa has just recently started showing her Great Danes - first Ruby and now Ty - and has been doing kind of well. Ruby became a champion first and now, the puppy, Ty, is going for his Grand Champion honors. And when I say small horse, he is almost 4 1/2' tall and weighs 185lbs and is the biggest suck in the world :) So because she has been doing so well at the shows and attending more and more, she figured it might be a nice touch to send "Thank You" cards to the judges and show organizers. Just another interesting application of wild stories that our cards come into contact with. Also, he may be here in August for a show in Toronto - I will have to let you know how he does :)

Apparently it's the small dogs you've gotta watch for! The big ones are babies..

Andrew Griepsma
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Cute Puppy Story

Cute Puppy Border Collie Puppy 

Cute Puppy Story

We just recently got a new puppy after our 13 year old Border Collie, Kelsey, passed away this past December. It was absolutely one of the hardest things in the world (as any dog owner will know) but we are dog people and we love to have a pup around to put some extra joy into our everyday activities. Despite that attitude,  accepting Ally into our world was a little weird. Kels was the smartest dog in the world and a new puppy just didn’t seem to live up to all that she was. 

Border Collies are NOT to be Under-Estimated 

ladder for border collie to get onto bed

Well, silly us. At 4 months old, Ally girl is shaping up to be every bit as smart as Kels. My dad, Big D, is completely against the puppy being up on the bed. Kat and I want to cuddle and think it is super cute but he usually ends up winning and down she goes. The bed she wants on is REALLY tall and she can’t get up herself so today, in two tries, I got her up this ladder onto the bed. She only does it when he isn’t around and doesn’t even need a treat to entice her now.

Welcome to the fold Ally :)

Andrew Griepsma
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